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I am sure if you have an iPhone, you probably have an app or two that you downloaded with the intent to use while working out. You may have even paid for apps that looked like they’d be useful, only to never use them or find another app that replaces what the one you bought did. That’s alright; I think we have all done it. I’m sure it is in the fine print somewhere deep down inside the smartphone owner’s rulebook, maybe. In order to help you possibly avoid spending money, or time, on an app that you’ll never use, I decided to put together a list of the four apps that I use most often in regards to CrossFit. Most are free, so take a look, download them and see if they work for you.

myWOD – Cost: $1.99. This is probably the best app I have ever purchased. It contains many great features that are specific for CrossFit, making it a great all-in-one app. myWOD allows you to track all your workouts, with both calendar and list views. It also allows you to name a WOD, so if you complete it again at a later date, you have a reference of your previous weights and times. Another great feature is the Max Weights tab that allows you to record your maxes, and it even breaks down your max by percentages, making it easy to conjugate. Other great features that help put this app at the top of my list include how-to videos, a list of common WODs (The Ladies and Heroes), and an athlete profile.

iWOD Fitness – Cost: FREE! Like myWOD, this app has a helpful dictionary of WODs, including the Ladies and most of the Heros, and a comprehensive list of instruction videos for movements. The best parts of this app for me are the various timers. Whether you need a stopwatch, a countdown timer, an interval timer, or a tabata clock, this app has them all. There is an iPad version that is free as well. If you’re working out at home, or when traveling, this app is a great choice.

Ubersense – Cost: FREE! This is a great app if you are a coach, or if you’re looking to improve your form. Ubersense allows you to record an athlete completing a movement, and then play it back in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, full speed, or frame by frame using a dial on the side of the screen. This app also allows you to compare two videos side by side, or one on top of another. Other features include voice notes, videos categorized by athlete name, and comment sections.

RunKeeper – Cost: FREE! This app is definitely not just for CrossFit. Whether its an endurance WOD, like a little 5k, or a hike on a rest day, this app is great for any outdoor activity. You can select from a list of activities, set a playlist, choose from premade or custom workouts, use a RunKeeper training plan, or even set a target pace. This app has a website that allows you to view and share your workouts and view your workout history too. If you do any sort of outdoor activity, this app is for you!

Like I said, these are the apps that I use most often and are definitely worth checking out. Download them, give them a try, and let me know what you think! Or better yet, let me know what apps you use and why you like them!