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Everyone knows procrastination is not a good thing. Whether it’s a school assignments, work tasks, or home projects, we have all learned from experience that waiting until the last minute does not make things easier for yourself. I have learned that because Paleo meals can be quite labor intensive, preplanning your meals can make things a lot easier. And by now, we all know, when it’s easier to prepare a meal, it’s less tempting to go out to eat and settle for an unscheduled cheat meal. There’s lots of information on the internet about preplanning meals. One of my personal favorites is an article on Robb Wolf’s website titled: Paleo Diet: Cooking a Week’s Worth of Meals. This article talks about some great ideas for getting your meals planned and even partially cooked ahead of time.

All Natural Turkey Chili

Pre-Made Paleo’s All Natural Turkey Chili

Another great idea, especially if you’re really short on time or find it difficult to cook for just yourself, is to buy premade Paleo meals. My home CrossFit Gym recently started selling premade Paleo meals that are quite affordable. Made by Pre-made Paleo, the meals are prepared at their facility, and shipped frozen to a local host. Their website lists Local-Hosts, grocery stores, gyms, and other businesses that sell the pre-made meals and allow customers to purchase meals from the website and get them shipped to the host for free. Meals cost anywhere between $9 and $17, depending on the portion sizes and options you choose. Pre-Made Paleo’s website also has helpful instructional videos on how to prepare your meals.

So whether you decide to prepare your meals ahead of time, or to buy pre-made paleo meals, don’t let your procrastination get the best of you. And of course, share any and all ways of preparing your meals ahead of time with the rest of us.

(Photo Credit: Pre-Made Paleo)