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After completing a grueling 4 minutes of 13.5, I got the opportunity to speak with a couple of my gym’s members who are also competing in our six week Paleo challenge. After four weeks, it seems like people are really starting to get the hang of the Paleo Diet and are getting past the constant hunger, decreased energy, and crankiness that comes along with the body changing from a glucose fueled lifestyle to a fat and protein fueled way of life.

Just as I did when I started the Paleo Diet, quite a few people are paying attention to the scale as they track their progress during the challenge. For some, the changes seen are spectacular and increase their motivation to continue push past the cravings and stick to the recommendations made by Robb Wolf when he visited our gym. For a few others, and probably quite a few more than I am aware of, the scale is a source of frustration and discouragement.

Changes on the scale when doing any sort of “diet” is a societal norm that has been heavily weighted. If we diet, we want to see changes on the scale. If we don’t see changes on the scale, then the diet must not be working, right? Wrong! In talking with one of the females participating in our Paleo Challenge, she was quite discouraged that she had only lost five pounds in the first four weeks. She said she was very disappointed with the five pounds considering other people have lost more than fifteen pounds.

As we talked, I started asking her questions about how she felt, she said she no longer had the constant hunger feeling. I asked her how her quality of sleep had been, she said she felt quite rested and energized during the day. I asked her how her strength was compared to before starting the challenge, she admitted she had made gains in her lifts. Finally, I asked her how her clothes were fitting, and she said almost all of her workout clothes were baggy.

The point of this story is that the scale shouldn’t matter, especially when starting on the Paleo Diet. pay attention to yourself, how you feel, how your clothes fit, and how what you do in the gym progresses. Muscle weighs more than fat! As you lost fat, you’re probably building muscle, so your fat loss isn’t going to show on the scale. The most important thing you should pay attention to with any diet is yourself. How do you feel? Don’t get discouraged because you didn’t lose as much weight as others, keep your progress in perspective, pay attention to yourself and how you feel and stick with it. The changes will come soon enough!

I think we have all experienced frustrations like this. What have you done to get past this or any other challenges you’ve faced?