These days there’s an app for everything. I’ve already shared with you my favorite apps for CrossFit, so I decided I should probably share with you my go-to apps for the Paleo side of me as well! As many of you know, I really enjoy creating my own dishes, like short ribs, or grilled rib-eyes, but every now and again I need a little motivation. The following three apps are my personal favorites and have some great features. So take a look and give them a try!

Only Paleo – Cost: $0.99

Whether you’re new to Paleo, or looking to widen your breadth of Paleo foods, this app is great for anyone. Only Paleo allows you to enter a food in question into the search box and it will provide you with a list of results and whether or not it’s Paleo friendly. This app is a great reference for those of you still trying to learn the Paleo ropes, or if you come across a random food that looks like it’s worth trying.

Only Paleo Examples

myKitchen – Cost: Free!

The myKitchen app is quite comprehensive and a great tool to be used all over the place. Whether you’re shopping for food, looking for recipes, or looking for a place to store your recipes, this app will work great wherever you are. According to the website, there are over 400 recipes, all of which have great instructions and conveniently add the recipe ingredients to your shopping list. This is a great app for Paleo newbies and veterans alike.

myKitchen App

Paleo Spinner – Cost: Free!

Admit it, every now and then you get stuck in a rut and find yourself eating the same meals on a daily basis. This app is perfect for those occasions and will help you snap out of it! Simply pick a starting ingredient and spin the slot machine like wheels and see what it comes up with. You’ll be out of that rut in no time and trying new recipes!

Spinner App

Well, there you go. Short and sweet, but to the point. As with all categories of apps, there are plenty to choose from. What are some of your personal favorite Paleo friendly apps? Let me know because I am always looking for new inspiration!