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Over-easy eggs on sautéed veggies and butternut squash

Over-easy eggs on sautéed veggies and butternut squash

Everyone has heard the adage “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Even though that’s the case there still seem to be quite a lot of people who choose not to eat breakfast regularly. Some say it’s because they’re too busy and others say it’s because they aren’t hungry. I was one of these people, up until I started eating Paleo. The more I looked into the Paleo diet, I realized that I needed to look at food as a fuel source for my body first, and that when and what I eat will make a difference. As I started in on the Paleo lifestyle, and as I have discussed in previous posts, for the first couple of weeks, I was hungry every couple of hours, so eating in the morning wasn’t really and issue for me. At the same time, because I work out in the mornings as well, I knew I needed to add some fuel to my tank so that while I was working out, I wasn’t running on an empty tank.

After experimenting with different breakfast meals, fruit smoothies, protein shakes, etc., I finally landed on egg scrambles and have made it my daily breakfast. The nice thing about egg scrambles is that you can completely change the breakfast by simply changing a few ingredients. This is a must when it comes to food because eating the same thing every day of the week for a year would get pretty old, don’t you think?

There are definitely days where I end up not eating breakfast, and my body suffers noticeably from it. I feel sluggish, slow, and even weaker on those days. That for me is enough proof that breakfast is an important part of my day. If you don’t eat breakfast, or are on the fence as to whether or not eating breakfast makes a difference, experiment with it. Eat breakfast for two weeks, every day. Then skip a breakfast and see how you feel. I have a feeling you’ll realize then that breakfast really does make a difference in how you feel and how you perform throughout the day. You should also do some more research. I am definitely not the only one who thinks Breakfast is important.

Your turn, share your experiences with breakfast! Do you eat breakfast regularly, or do you not eat it at all? What’s your favorite breakfast meal? Share your comments, ideas, and recipes!