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So you’ve just finished a Paleo challenge. First of all, let me congratulate you sticking to a strict Paleo diet for three, or six, or, in the case of my gym, seven weeks. In talking with members of my gym, it seems like everyone experienced pretty much the same feelings as I did when I started Paleo. Eventually, the constant hunger passed and the cravings for bread or other snacks went away. I’m sure you probably also found some really good recipes and discovered you really enjoy eating some foods you didn’t think you liked before.

Paleo Flowchart

Paleo Flowchart – in case you haven’t figured it out yet….

But now you have a decision to make, and it’s kind of important. Do you decide to make Paleo a diet or a lifestyle?

There will inevitably be some who revert to their “normal” diet. They’ll decide that Paleo is too much work and revert back to eating what is fast and convenient. They’ll also most likely experience some gastrointestinal disturbances, for lack of a better term, as things like gluten and dairy are reintroduced into the body. And they will eventually gain back everything that they lost during their brief stint with Paleo and possibly even more.

Hopefully most everyone will choose the other route. Paleo can be a lifestyle. And it will continue to provide you benefits beyond weight loss. Whether its strength, body composition, reduction of allergies, or improvements in overall health, the Paleo lifestyle is definitely worth maintaining and shouldn’t be considered just a diet. There is a good possibility that you didn’t see the results you were hoping to see during the Paleo challenge, but just because the scale didn’t change doesn’t mean that your body didn’t change. Here is a great website that discusses the benefits of Paleo for your brain that provides even more reasons why Paleo should be taken as a lifestyle instead of a diet.

So before you decide to give up Paleo and go back to your old eating habits, stop and take a big-picture look at what Paleo has done for you. Just because the scale hasn’t changed, that doesn’t mean your life hasn’t either. Please take a moment to share your thoughts about the Paleo challenge and why you are or are not going to continue the Paleo lifestyle. And as always, ask questions if you have them!